Queensland Scout  Badge Histories

Badges that identify Scouts Australia’s Queensland branch’s regions and districts are part of the Scout uniform, and have been so since scouting began. A lot of thought goes into the artwork of badges, and also into the names of these regions and districts. This website has been set-up to introduce scouts to the meaning behind the badge symbols and also the history of these badges.

The descriptions of each badge have been obtained from a mixture of oral recollections and formal documents. The work of documenting and updating the information is ongoing, and will be updated twice yearly. If you have any amendments, updates and interesting facts associated with the badge, please email the information to badgehistory@scoutsqld.com.au

Useful Resources

About the Project

The evolution of Troops, Groups, Districts and Regions and their badges and what they represent.  Information on using this website as a resource for potential Special Interest Area (SIA) projects, and acknowledgements.

The Start of Scouting in Queensland

Learn how the project began to preserve the history of Scout badges in QLD.

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Scouts Queensland Regions 

Brisbane North Region

2004 – current

Brisbane South Region

2004 – current 

Central Coast Region

2014 – current

Central & Western Region

2014 – current

Darling Downs Region

2004 – current

Far North Region

2001 – current

Gold Coast Region

2004 – current

Kennedy Region

2001 – current 

Moreton Region

2004 – current

Northern Moreton Region

2016 – current

South Eastern Region

2015 – current 

Suncoast Region

1991 – current 

Wide Bay & Burnett Region

1991 – current