Barron River District (Ext)


Badge Description

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Waterfall = Barron Falls Waterfall near Kuranda

Sugar Cane = Sugar Cane Industry

Shield = Irukandji people’s tribal shield


Barron River district is named after Barron River, which is named after after a Brisbane chief clerk of police Thomas Barron.  Barron River district was formed in 1973 from a merger of Central Cairns district and Irukandji district [1, 2].  In 1980, Barron River district was part of the Coral Coast Area [3].  Barron River district and Endeavour Trinity Bay district closed, is last mentioned in the Branch area directories in 1982, to form Cairns district [4].


Barron Rivers District Groups (1973): Machan’s Beach Scout Group, Martynvale Scout Group, 2nd Cairns Scout Group, 5th Cairns Scout Group, Edge Hill Scout Group, Freshwater Scout Group [2]


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