Benarrawa District (Ext)


Badge Description

Scout logo

Aircraft = Archerfield airfield within Archerfield district

Red dot circle = Bora Ring at Sherwood, and the site of Corinda Railway station.

Blue River bend = from the former John Oxley district badge encompassing the former “Tarcoola” district which is the Aboriginal word for

“Bend in the river”.  The river is Oxley Creek.


Benarrawa is the Aboriginal word for “water”, and also the Yerongpan clan of the Jagera people’s Turrbal language name for Oxley Creek [1].  Within the district is Benarrawa Reserve, which Oxley Creek flows through.  Benawarra district was made-up of groups from Archer and John Oxley districts and was established in 2012 [2].  The district closed in 2017, and groups were absorbed in 2017-2018 into Archer District and Ekibin District [3, 4, 5].


Benarrawa District Groups (2016-2017): Algester Scout Group; Kurilpa Scout Group; Pamphlett Tennyson Sea Scout Group; Richlands-Forest Lake Scout Group; Robertson Scout Group; Saint Mary Coptic Scout Group; Salisbury Scout Group; Sherwood Scout Group; Sunnybank Scout Group; West Centenary Scout Group [6]


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