Camp Hill District (Ext)



 Coorparoo  , Camp Hill   (Mt Bruce, Kennington)  , Seven Hills

Badge Description

Scout Emblem = First Class Badge award [1]

Green Hill: Camp Hill,  travellers coming into Brisbane used to camp on this hill. [1]

Red Stars = Southern Cross (from Brisbane South Area badge) [1]

Campfire = Camp Hill with flames and smoke representing the rise of scouting

The badge was first issued in June 1961 [3]


Camp Hill received its name as wagon trains travelling between Brisbane and Cleveland used to camp on this hill in the late 1800s. 

Camp Hill District was formed in 1960/61 (i.e., mentioned in the Branch Annual Report 1962/63, but not mentioned on Branch Annual Report 1958/59) and the first District Commissioner was W. H. Thomas [1, 2].  The district was closed in 1971 and absorbed into Eastern Hills District [3].  Badge was designed by a Senior Scout named K. Johnstone.


Camp Hill district Groups (1963): 1st Coorparoo Scout Group, Kennington Scout Group, Mt Bruce Scout Group, Seven Hills Scout Group [2]


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