Camp Hill District (Ext)



 Coorparoo  , Camp Hill   (Mt Bruce, Kennington)  , Seven Hills

Badge Description

Scout Emblem = First Class Badge award [3, 4]

Green Hill: Camp Hill,  travellers coming into Brisbane used to camp on this hill.

Red Stars = Southern Cross (from Brisbane South Area badge)

Campfire = Camp Hill with flames and smoke representing the rise of scouting

The badge was first issued somewhere between June 1961 and 1962 [3, 4]

The badge was designed by K. Johnstone, Senior Scout [3, 4]


Previous Badge Variations

The following are variations of the badge:

Type: Ribbon

Green logo and Banner




Camp Hill received its name as wagon trains travelling between Brisbane and Cleveland used to camp on this hill in the late 1800s. 

Camp Hill District was formed in 1960/61 (i.e., mentioned in the Branch Annual Report 1962/63, but not mentioned on Branch Annual Report 1958/59) and the first District Commissioner was W. H. Thomas [1, 2].  The district was closed in 1971 and absorbed into Eastern Hills District [3]. 


Camp Hill district Groups (1963): 1st Coorparoo Scout Group, Kennington Scout Group, Mt Bruce Scout Group, Seven Hills Scout Group [2]


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