Central Highlands District (Ext)



Blackwater  , Capella  , Dysart  , Emerald  , Middlemount  , Tieri  , Gemfields


 Blackwater  , Capella  , Dysart  , Emerald  , Middlemount  , Tieri  , Gemfields

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Hills = The Peak Range National Park as seen from the lookout south just south of Capella

Beef = the cattle industry is the largest in the Central Highlands

Harvester = agriculture (i.e., cereal, pulses, cotton, citrus, table grapes, macademia, melon, lychees, figs, potatoes)

Mining excavator = mining.  It was the largest coal reserve and Queensland’s most important export commodity.


Central Highlands district is named after the Central Highlands Regional Council.  In terms of scouting, it is not clear when the Central Highlands district was actually formed.  The district is mentioned in 1954, with the appointment of C.R.K. McDonald as District Commissioner (1).  The district does not appear to have lasted very long as by 1957, it is no longer mentioned [2].  By 1992,  Central Highlands district appears to have been re-formed as it was mentioned in the 1992 Branch Annual Report, as being part of Central and Coastal Region [3].  The district closed on the 18th June 2004 [4].


Central Highlands Groups (1992-2004): Blackwater Scout Group, Capella Scout Group, Dysart Scout Group, Emerald Scout Group, Middlemount Scout Group, Tieri Scout Group, Gemfields Scout Group [4]


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