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Green Hills: scene of hills to the east of the Great Dividing Range.

The 3 sides of the triangular border represent the 3 districts (i.e., Koala district, Garraboo district and Steele Rudd district)  that combined to form the Eastern Downs district. [2]

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Type: Woven bound

Type: Woven bound

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Eastern Downs district is named after “Eastern Downs” on of the original sixteen electorates in the colony of Queensland in 1859.  It comprised a large area south-west of Toowoomba embracing Texas, Warwick, Dalby and all the area south to the New South Wales border. It was abolished in the 1872 redistribution, being split into the Electoral district of Darling Downs, the Electoral district of Carnarvon and the Electoral district of Balonne.

From a scouting perspective, Eastern Downs District was formed in 1990, and made up of the former Koala district, Garraboo district and Steele Rudd district [1].


Eastern Downs District Groups (2018): 2nd Toowoomba Scout Group, Bunya Park Scout Group, Cambooya Scout Group, Crows Nest Scout Group, Drayton Scout Group, Glenvale Scout Group, Highfields Scout Group, Rangeville Scout Group, Rockville Scout Group, St Anthonys Scout Group, Withcott Scout Group [3]


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