Fraser District (Ext) b


Badge Description

Scout logo

Island and Coastal area = Fraser Island and coastal area

White area = Fraser district boundaries

Fish = Whiting fish which is common in Hervey Bay [6]

Pineapples = important industry within the district

Sugar Cane = important industry within the district

The badge with the was first issued in late 1981 [1, 4]

Ken Ashford, District Commissioner, Fraser District and two other adult leaders and a scout’s designs, were incorporated into the district badge [1]


Fraser district is named after Fraser Island.  For a short period the island was known as Great Sandy Island. The island became known as Fraser due to the stories of a shipwreck Scottish survivor named Eliza Anne Fraser.  The ship, the Stirling Castle; was shipwrecked off the coast of Queensland, Australia, on 22 May 1836, and Eliza claimed to be captured by Aboriginal people when in fact she was ship wrecked on the island and taken in by the Badtjala(Butchella) people.  Her husband Captain James Fraser, master of the Stirling Castle, either died from starvation or from his injuries.   In 1976 a drama film titled “Eliza Fraser” was made about her and was the first Australian film with a seven figure budget, costing $1.2 million to make.  Fraser Island was inscribed as a World Heritage site in 1992. The island is considered to be the largest sand island in the world at 1,840 km. It is also Queensland’s largest island.  The district was established in 1st April 1981when Maryborough and Maheno district combined and closed to form Fraser district [1, 2, 3].  The first District Commissioner of Fraser District was Tom Macnamara who served as DC for 16 years [1].


Fraser District Groups (1983): Baddow Scout Group, Fairfield Heights Scout Group, Granville Scout Group, Hervey Bay Scout Group, 4th Maryborough Scout Group, Maryborough West Scout Group, Moonaboola Scout Group, Pialba Scout Group, Urangan Scout Group. [3]

Fraser District Groups (2018): Baddow Scout Group, Bauple Scout Group, Gayndah Scout Group, Hervey Bay Sea Scout Group, Maryborough West Scout Group, Moonaboola Sea Scout Group, Pialba Scout Group [5]


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