Hibiscus Coast District


Badge Description

Scout Emblem

Flower: Hibiscus – floral emblem of Mackay and appears on the Regional Council Coat of Arms.  Also reflects the heritage of the district whose geographical area encompassed the former Mackay district, whose district badge emblem was the Hibiscus flower.

Green Plant: Sugar cane, given that Mackay is known as the “sugar capital” of Australia

Geographical Map: Queensand coastline stretching from Rockhampton in the South to Bowen in the North.

The badge was designed by Will McVeigh (Venturer, Banskia Scout Group) and his mother Claire McVeigh [3].


Hibiscus Coast district was formed in 2018, as a result of districts being created within the Central Coast Region [1].  The District Commissioner in 2018 was Katrina Hoare [2].  The district is home to Rowallan Park campsite [2], and is named after the Hibiscus Coast, Mackay Region, which is a 93 km stretch of coastline.


Hibiscus Coast Districts Groups (2018):  Banksia Scout Group, Bowen Scout Group, Mackay City Central Scout Group, Pioneer Valley Scout Group, Sarina Scout Group [2]


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