Irukandji District (Ext)



 Edge Hill  , Freshwater  , Machans Beach  , Mossman

Badge Description

Scout logo

Shield = Irukandji people’s tribal shield

Arrowheads and Crossed Throwing sticks representing Irukandji people in the area [3, 5]


The badge was designed by the secretary of the District Association Mr Charles Harriman, after consultation with the last 3 members of the Irukandji tribe. Mr Harriman, who operated the Aerial Ambulance control base at Cairns, was able to locate the last three surviving members of the Irukandji tribe at the Mona Mona Mission.  These three elders offered to design the Irukandji Tribal shield and took great pains to get the shapes, lines and colours just right.  The final artwork was drawn by Mr Harriman, and two arrowheads and crossed throwing sticks added for balance.

The badge was first issued in February 1963. [3, 5]

Previous Badge Variations

The following are variations of the badge:

Type = Woven bound
53 x 53 mm


Irukandji district is named after the Yirrganydji (Irukandji) people who are the traditional custodians of a coastal strip of land called Djabugay country which runs from Cairns, up to Port Douglas (Mowbray River) [1]. 

Where scouting was concerned, Irukandji district was formed in 1961/2, and closed in 1973 [2, 3].  It merged with Central Cairns district and formed Barron River district.  The first District Commissioner was D. M. Dudley [2]


Irukandji District Groups (1962) : Edge Hill Scout Group, Freshwater Scout Group, Machans Beach Scout Group, Kuranda Scout Group. [2]

Irukandji District Groups (1971) : Edge Hill Scout Group, Freshwater Scout Group, Machans Beach Scout Group, Mossman Scout Group. [4]


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