Lockyer District (Ext)



 Gatton, Laidley


 Gatton, Laidley

Badge Description

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Irrigation Head = Water Pump to irrigate lots of green vegetables are grown in the Lockyer Valley

The badge was first issued in June 1961 [4]

Previous Badge Variations

The following are variations of the badge:

Type: Ribbon

(issued in 1964)

52 x 44 mm




Lockyer district was named after the Lockyer Valley which was named after Captain Edmund Lockyer, a soldier and explorer. In 1825, he explored the Brisbane River area, and saw coal in deposits on the banks, becoming the first person to identify coal in Queensland.  The area has some of the most fertile soil in Australia.  The Lockyer Valley grows the most diverse range of commercial fruit and vegetables in Australia and is referred to as “Australia’s Salad Bowl“.  Lockyer district was established in 1958 [1], and closed in 1973 and was absorbed into Atkinson district [2].  The first District Commissioner in 1957 was C.C. Bourne [3].


Lockyer District Groups (1963): Forrest Hill Scout Group Gatton Scout Group, Laidley Scout Group [5]

Lockyer District Groups (1971): Gatton Scout Group, Laidley Scout Group [6]


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