Mount Elliott District


Badge Description

World Scout Emblem = world brother/sisterhood of scouting around the world

Mountain = Mount Elliott (1220 metres), which is part Bowling Green Bay National Park

Blue Water = There are lots of springs and rivers (i.e., Alligator Creek Water Fall), besides one of the groups is on the Burdekin River.

The badge was designed by 2 scouts Tegan Kelsey (Belgian Gardens) and Shay Ryder (Wulguru Scout) in 2019.


Mount Elliot was formed in 2018 [1].  Its first District Commissioner was Jenny Staddon. 

Districts within Kennedy Region’s three districts were named after mountains, by the Region Commissioner Andrew Houghton who said that “As scouts are always aiming high, mountains can also be climbed on, abseiled down, bushwalked, mountain biked, kayaked and canoed, flown around and mountains are essentially adventurous.  The mountain peaks overlook the region and have history both in our time and before like scouts, will be around long after we are gone” [2].

The district is named after Mount Elliott, which is named after Gilbert Eliot, the Member of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland for Wide Bay in the 1st Queensland Parliament in 1860.


Mount Elliot District Groups (2018): Belgian Gardens Scout Group, Pimlico-Mundingburra Scout Group, Wulguru Scout Group, Lower Burdekin Scout Group


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