Mulgrave District (Ext)



 Edmonton  , GordonvaleBentley Park

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Sugar Cane = local agriculture

Hill = Walshs Pyramid “Bundadjarrugal” (922m), Gordonvale

Light River Blue line = Mulgrave River running parallel to Gillies Range Rd at Gordonvale


Mulgrave district is named after the Mulgrave River which was named by the explorer George Elphinstone Dalrymple in 1873 after the family antecedents of the Governor of Queensland, the Second Marquess of Normanby, who was styled Earl of Mulgrave before succeeding to his father’s title.  On 16 November 1940, the Shire of Cairns was renamed Shire of Mulgrave. 

Mulgrave district was formed in 2001 [1, 2, 3], and their first major district activity was JOTA 2001.  The district was de-registered on 9th August 2006 [4].  In 2003, the District Commissioner was Victor Dawson [5].


Mulgrave district Scout Groups (1999): Gordonvale Scout Group, Edmonton Scout Group,  Bentley Park Scout Group [2]

Mulgrave district Scout Groups (2003):  Bayview Scout Group, Gordonvale Scout Group, Edmonton Scout Group,  Bentley Park Scout Group [5]


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