Scouts of the Air


Badge Description

The badge depicted above is from NSW.  The main badge used in Queensland was generally a name-tape with the words “Scouts-of-the-Air”.  Scout Logo encircled by rope with reef knot

Wording: Scouts of the Air


Scouts of the Air was originally conceived as a programme in Outback Queensland for Cub scouts who are in isolated communities who, are with “School of the Air” programme and would communicate, via radio, with a Cub Scout leader with regards to their programme [1. 2].

Where distance was a disadvantage, Cubs received extra training via radio communication.

  • 11th September 1976, Jenny Staddon (Leader Trainer & Cub Leader) and June Eames, along with Kalkadoon District staff initiated training via Radio Communication to 10 ‘new chums’ (Cubs). The Royal Flying Doctor Service co-operated and allowed the use of their broadcasting facilities.  The “School of the Air” frequency was used.
  • 13th November 1976: Cubs of the Air officially launched at Mount Isa by State Governor, Sir Colin Hannah.
  • Cubs of the Air Packs established in Charleville and Cairns and Charters Towers (Kuaran), Long Reach.
  • 1980s: Scouts of the Air was established when the Cubs moved up to scouts.

In 2018: the Group was still being run out of the Mt Isa, School of the Air building.  They were part of the Central and Western Region.


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