Teewah District (Ext)



 Eumundi, Mudjimba (Air Scouts), Coolum, Noosa

Badge Description

Scout logo

Rainbow = Rainbow represents the colours of all the sections in scouting [2]

Boat = Sailing which is popular in the Noosa area  (represents a Navy Whaler, used by Noosa Sea Scouts, in full sail on the Noosa River) [1]

Mountain = Peak of Mt Coolum [2]

Badge designed by: Nick Carter (DC), Mary Carter (CSL Noosa Sea Scouts), David Thomas (ARC Suncoast).

Previous Badge Variations

The following are variations of the badge:

Type = Woven bound

Type = Woven bound

Type = Woven bound

50 x 55 mm

50 x 55 mm

52 x 55 mm

Ext Ext Ext


Teewah derives its name from Teewah coloured sands, which extends from Double Island point in Cooloola to Noosa North shore.  It is part of the Great Sandy National Park.  The beach provides access to Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island for 4WD enthusiast.  Teewah or “Dauwah” means dead wood or dry timber in the local Kabi dialect [1].  Amongst the Kabi Kabi people, Teewah is identified with the Rainbow Serpant spirit.  Teewah District opened in 1996, and closed in 2004/2005.  Its groups were absorbed into Nambour district [2].


Teewah District Groups (2000s):  Eumindi Scout Group, Mudjimba Air Scout Group, Coolum Air Scout Group, Noosa Scout Group


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