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Aboriginal = local aboriginal “Yerongpan” people in the area, and was an important site for Aboriginal settlement.  This is especially in the area to the east of Goodna Creek.

Creek = Woogaroo Creek

Hills = Flinders Peak at the back of Ipswich


Woogaroo district is named after Woogaroo Creek.  Woogaroo in the Yugara language means a ‘whirlpool’; a second reference suggests it means ‘cool or shady’ [1].  The current suburb of Goodna was originally called Woogaroo.  Goodna is the aboriginal word for “dung”.  Woogaroo district was formed in June 2004 [2].  The first District Commissioner of Woogaroo District was Greg Broad [4].


Woogaroo District Groups (2018): Camira Scout Group, Goodna Scout Group, Redbank Plains Scout Group [3]


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